Our research investigates dispossession and displacement within urban contexts through an interdisciplinary lens that combines urban planning, humanities, and environmental public health.

Our Focus

UEC’s research focuses on issues of quality affordable housing, immigrant rights, and small business displacement, with the aim of examining the root causes, impacts, and potential interventions that center the experiences of marginalized communities.

UEC Related Projects

The following projects are housed at or supported by the UEC.

The Humanities Initiative

A M.O.L.D/Mellon funded project on the role of humanities in community advocacy and change. The initiative invites three speakers each semester whose work uses  humanities methods and theories to inform and organize direct action and community-based research.

A Radical Lens: The Historic Photographs of Nancy Shia, 1972-1999

A National Endowments for Humanities community project on the historic photos of local Washington DC activist, Nancy Shia. This is a collaborative historical and visual arts project that employs Shia’s photographs to center and render visible the history of Black and Latinx activism in Washington DC from 1973-1999.


Nancy Raquel Mirabal, Ph.D.
Nancy Raquel Mirabal, Ph.D.Director
Manuel Mendez
Manuel MendezGraduate Assistant