UEC hosts workshops that bring community leaders, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty together to discuss the challenges facing urban communities from an intersectional perspective.

Our Workshop Goals

Our goal is to provide a forum to examine theory and methods for interdisciplinary research that highlight policy and practice for investing in community-based solutions.

Through regular meetings, we engage critical research on questions of social inequities and link the UMD campus to the work of visiting community fellows in an intimate seminar setting. By engaging in interdisciplinary dialogue, we aim to address the multiple and compounding forms of dispossession and displacement that occur in urban neighborhoods and their acute impacts on marginalized communities, focusing on questions of quality affordable housing, immigrant rights, and small business displacement.

We Will Collectively Address

How do different academic disciplines examine urban inequities?

How do we work ethically and equitably alongside marginalized communities? What are the best practices for sharing authority and collaborative research?

What does impactful community-based and policy research look like?

How do we effectively measure results and outcomes that benefit the most marginalized communities and groups?

Upcoming Workshops